A library for solving calibrated central and non-central geometric vision problems
opengv Namespace Reference

The namespace of this library. More...


 The namespace for the absolute pose methods.
 The namespace of the math tools.
 The namespace for the point-cloud alignment methods.
 The namespace for the relative pose methods.
 The namespace for the sample consensus methods.
 The namespace for the sample consensus problems.
 The namespace for the triangulation methods.


struct  EigensolverOutput
struct  GeOutput
struct  Indices
struct  OptimizationFunctor


typedef Eigen::Vector3d bearingVector_t
typedef std::vector< bearingVector_t, Eigen::aligned_allocator< bearingVector_t > > bearingVectors_t
typedef Eigen::Vector3d translation_t
typedef std::vector< translation_t, Eigen::aligned_allocator< translation_t > > translations_t
typedef Eigen::Matrix3d rotation_t
typedef std::vector< rotation_t, Eigen::aligned_allocator< rotation_t > > rotations_t
typedef Eigen::Matrix< double, 3, 4 > transformation_t
typedef std::vector< transformation_t, Eigen::aligned_allocator< transformation_t > > transformations_t
typedef Eigen::Vector3d cayley_t
typedef Eigen::Vector4d quaternion_t
typedef Eigen::Matrix3d essential_t
typedef std::vector< essential_t, Eigen::aligned_allocator< essential_t > > essentials_t
typedef Eigen::Matrix3cd complexEssential_t
typedef std::vector< complexEssential_t, Eigen::aligned_allocator< complexEssential_t > > complexEssentials_t
typedef Eigen::Vector3d point_t
typedef std::vector< point_t, Eigen::aligned_allocator< point_t > > points_t
typedef Eigen::Vector3d eigenvalues_t
typedef Eigen::Matrix3d eigenvectors_t
typedef struct opengv::EigensolverOutput eigensolverOutput_t
typedef struct opengv::GeOutput geOutput_t

Detailed Description

The namespace of this library.

Typedef Documentation

typedef Eigen::Vector3d opengv::bearingVector_t

A 3-vector of unit length used to describe landmark observations/bearings in camera frames (always expressed in camera frames)

typedef std::vector<bearingVector_t, Eigen::aligned_allocator<bearingVector_t> > opengv::bearingVectors_t

An array of bearing-vectors

typedef Eigen::Vector3d opengv::cayley_t

A 3-vector containing the cayley parameters of a rotation matrix

typedef Eigen::Matrix3cd opengv::complexEssential_t

An essential matrix with complex entires (as returned from fivept_stewenius [5])

typedef std::vector< complexEssential_t, Eigen::aligned_allocator< complexEssential_t> > opengv::complexEssentials_t

An array of complex-type essential matrices

EigensolverOutput holds the output-parameters of the eigensolver-algorithm (described in [11])

typedef Eigen::Vector3d opengv::eigenvalues_t

A 3-vector containing the Eigenvalues of matrix $ \mathbf{M} $ in the eigensolver-algorithm (described in [11])

typedef Eigen::Matrix3d opengv::eigenvectors_t

A 3x3 matrix containing the eigenvectors of matrix $ \mathbf{M} $ in the eigensolver-algorithm (described in [11])

typedef Eigen::Matrix3d opengv::essential_t

Essential matrix $ \mathbf{E} $ between two viewpoints:

$ \mathbf{E} = $ skew( $\mathbf{t}$) $ \mathbf{R} $,

where $ \mathbf{t} $ describes the position of viewpoint 2 seen from viewpoint 1, and $\mathbf{R}$ describes the rotation from viewpoint 2 to viewpoint 1.

typedef std::vector<essential_t, Eigen::aligned_allocator<essential_t> > opengv::essentials_t

An array of essential matrices

GeOutput holds the output-parameters of ge

typedef Eigen::Vector3d opengv::point_t

A 3-vector describing a point in 3D-space

typedef std::vector<point_t, Eigen::aligned_allocator<point_t> > opengv::points_t

An array of 3D-points

typedef Eigen::Vector4d opengv::quaternion_t

A 4-vector containing the quaternion parameters of rotation matrix

typedef Eigen::Matrix3d opengv::rotation_t

A rotation matrix

typedef std::vector<rotation_t, Eigen::aligned_allocator<rotation_t> > opengv::rotations_t

An array of rotation matrices as returned by fivept_kneip [7]

typedef Eigen::Matrix<double,3,4> opengv::transformation_t

A 3x4 transformation matrix containing rotation $ \mathbf{R} $ and translation $ \mathbf{t} $ as follows: $ \left( \begin{array}{cc} \mathbf{R} & \mathbf{t} \end{array} \right) $

typedef std::vector<transformation_t, Eigen::aligned_allocator<transformation_t> > opengv::transformations_t

An array of transformations

typedef Eigen::Vector3d opengv::translation_t

A 3-vector describing a translation/camera position

typedef std::vector<translation_t, Eigen::aligned_allocator<translation_t> > opengv::translations_t

An array of translations